White-labeled single- and multi-tenant LMS, LRS, LXP, and CMS solutions, including build-out, configuration, enhancement, cloud or on-premise infrastructure, scaling, performance optimization, and continuous support.

Plugins, Integrations, & Monetization

Cross-platform Moodle plugins and integrations including marketing automation, sales, eCommerce, live conferencing, video, content, advanced search, analytics and reporting, SSO and authentication, LTI  services, and more. Canvas plugins and API integrations also available.

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Learning Experiences

Modern, responsive content for desktop and mobile devices, including  traditional and 360 video, animation, virtual reality, unique assessments, SCORM, xAPI, and branching experiences.

Expert Guidance & Operating Support

Practical commercial guidance and operating support based on work with hundreds of organizations, including established companies, startups, schools and universities, and industry associations.